Sunday Aug. 17th – Open at 10:30am

We’ll be opening up at 10:30am and we’ll have student rigs and an instructor available for students(promise). So students should come out and stay/get current again and get some jumps in to get licensed in time for our anniversary boogie!

Boogie Meeting

Wednesday August 13th from 6-8 pm. We will be meeting at Blue Stem Bistro in Aggie ville. Skype will be available for those who can not attend, let us know and we will add you. PLEASE attend if able. The boogie is close to one month away and we’ll need everyone for this to run.Continue Reading

Sunday, Aug. 3rd – Open at 9am

Doors open at 9am. We will have an instructor and coach present, so students should come on out and take advantage. Our instructor does have a couple of tandems in the afternoon so if you need to dp a static line you should get that knocked out before then. And of course the more upjumpersContinue Reading

Saturday, Aug. 2nd – Open at Noon

We’ll be opening up the doors at noon, everyone should come on out and get some jumps in. The weather is looking great. We still don’t have a confirmed instructor for students to be able to make jumps, so there’s no guarantee for students as of yet(sorry students). Looking ahead to Sunday, weather is lookingContinue Reading