Chili Throwdown

This is your official challenge! If you think you have the best chili recipe around, bring some out to the DZ October 24th and we’ll see! We have a first jump course that weekend and it will be a great time for everyone to get to know each other and make some new friends. We have many options for that weekend (weather permitting of course) such as camping/bonfires, there is the option of costume jumps (or just putting on a costume because it’s close to Halloween and we feel like it) pumpkin drop, etc. Who’s in??? Please let us know if you plan to bring a pot of chili, cornbread, cider, etc, and don’t forget to bring a crock pot or some other way to keep your food warm. We will need to be able to plan for any additional tables we might need, or if we need access to more outlets. If you have any ideas or want to help organize something let us know! Spread the word!

RSVP on the Facebook event and comment there what food you will bring.

Weekend Plans

Students, start planning your weekend ahead! Our plane will be in Wichita for a boogie on Saturday, so no student jumping, but we will return for student jumping on Sunday (depending on weather, of course). Licensed jumpers, if you plan to go to the All-KS Boogie and are interested in riding down in the plane,…Continue Reading

October Is HERE!!!!

First jump course tonight and tomorrow,.. expecting 15-17… Doors will open Saturday at 8am. First Jumpers will have priority but  student jumpers are encouraged to come and help out and jump once the newbies have taken flight. We’ll have instructors available all weekend… both days are looking to be nice for jumping. -BlueSkiesContinue Reading