Open Saturday, Aug 20th @ 9:00am

We are open tomorrow at 9am and will have instructors available.  Only 3 student rigs will be available as the rest are getting repacked this week.  We just might have the first KSUPC rig waiting list in the last 2 years. For students who are going to the shindig at Glidersports, jumps there will be…Continue Reading

Open Sunday at 9:45am

We are open tomorrow at 10am!  I will have the hangar open by at least 9:45 for students to pack and get trained up for load 1.  Garry will flying for us.  That I know of, we’ll have 1 instructor, 3 coaches, and 4 students.  Come on out and help us keep the bird in…Continue Reading

Aug 26th – 27th First Jump Course Canceled

The August 26th – 27th First Jump Course has been canceled due to a recently announced skydiving event that none of the instructional staff wants to pass up.  For you experienced jumpers, check it out: Luckily, we have a course scheduled for the following weekend, Sept 2-3! For those of you who have already…Continue Reading