Saturday May 28th, open at 8am

Doors open at 8am. We’ll see what the weather brings but it looks like it should be jumpable. We’ll have a static line instructor out until 3pm SUNSET and a coach or two will also be available.  Bring your back up shoes, the airport could be a bit saturated.

Weather gods said no….

Sorry everyone, but the weather is not going to play nice this weekend. Unless the forecast changes drastically, we will be closed Saturday and Sunday. I guess it’s a good time to vacuum the carpets, or replace water heaters. Let’s try again next weekend.Continue Reading

7 & 8 May

Saturday there is a pancake fly in, so get out there early if you want to eat some food. Doors will officially open at 10 and jumping will begin when the air traffic clears to a safe level. Weather may keep students grounded until mid afternoon. Sunday still looks questionable so keep an eye on…Continue Reading