Sunday, July 27th – Open at 9am

We’ll be opening up at 9am and hopefully start flying by 10, but we know how that goes! We’ll have a coach for freefall students all day and an instructor for static line students if he has time between/after tandems are finished. Everyone shoild come out and help us fly back to back loads!

Saturday, July 26th – Closed

Sorry everyone, tried to make it happen but we just didn’t have enough jumpers willing to come out and fill the plane. Weather looks great tomorrow, we’ll have some tandems, and there will be instructors and coaches for students! But please note that our instructor may not be available to take up static line studentsContinue Reading

Sunday Plans

Sunday Plans: Doors open at 9am, start jumping at 10am. We’ll have an instructor available until about 2pm and possibly again in the evening. Coach for students on freefall will be available all day. There is a 30% chance of rain so keep an eye on the site before ya head out in case weContinue Reading