Please share our Promo Video on your Facebook timeline!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,… Aaron here, we need your help!!!

We’ve got a promotional video we’ve created to help spread the word about the best Skydiving club around! Whether you’ve jumped with us or not, we would really appreciate it if you could help market the club by doing the following:

1. “share” our Promo video titled, “Skydive Kstate: Come fly with the pros” on your facebook timeline. It’s located on the club’s facebook page which is “KSU Parachute Club AKA Skydive K-State”

2. Leave a comment on the video describing your experience with us (hopefully recommending us to your friends and family)

3. Invite your friends to share the video as well


-The club thanks you!



First jump course coming up this weekend April 25th-26th

Sign up today using the link on the left!! Plenty of room for you!! Learn to jump this summer, jump the SKYVAN in September!!

Easter Sunday Jumping!

We are opening up at 7am Sunday and will jump until the winds pickup. Come out packed and ready to jump.

Weekend Plans: April 19th-20th, Closed on Saturday

Looks like another blow out tomorrow so we will be closed on Saturday. Look Saturday night for an update for Sunday but at this point Sunday is looking marginal at best. Blue Skies and enjoy your Saturday.

Boogie Meeting

For all those who are on the boogie committee or those wanting to help out and get involved. We will be meeting at the Blue Stem Bistro conference room in Aggie Ville Friday April 18th from 6-7:30. Skype will be available for those out of town.

Weekend: April 12-13 Closed

We haven’t quite finished the scheduled maintenance on the plane yet so we will be closed this weekend. Weather looks marginal at best anyway. We are hoping to have the plane ready to fly by next weekend.  Blue Skies and enjoy your weekend.